June 21st, 2012


as an undergraduate women’s studies major, i had a very distinct vision of success. i would graduate from college, go to law school, do well, become a lawyer and eventually move on to some high-powered career where i would be very highly respected in my field. and although i have always wanted a…

I had the opposite experience…..  all through school, all through my 20s, I imagined one day I’d make sacrifices to have kids and a family.  I was okay with that - that I couldn’t have it all without making sacrifices was an understanding I grew up with.  And then I found a job I like, one that doesn’t allow me much in the way of making my own schedule, and I envision a career path that takes a lot of dedication.  The idea of giving up a career and that fulfillment for kids seems like a much bigger sacrifice than I ever imagined.  

I’m only in my early 30s, and there’s still some time to change my mind… but if I do, I know I’ll likely end up making sacrifices in my career in order to juggle both.